Our Programs

Through our determined programming, we are helping to end war legacies worldwide.


War lives on in the form of its many indelible legacies. And we’re here to change that.

 Improving livelihood, public health, access to medical care and education and more...

Our work, services and expertise derive from decades of on-ground research, surveys, data-gathering, and providing direct support to those impacted in affected countries.


We help impoverished families caring for severely disabled children by providing assistance in the form of animal husbandry, support to start a small home business, home improvement or vocational training.


We support early intervention and education programs by providing scholarships to children with disabilities or to their siblings who attend secondary school or university.


 Health Program

We finance medical operations for children with congenital heart disorders and birth defects, such as cleft palate and club foot. Wheelchairs, prosthetics and other adaptive equipment are also provided.


We are conducting a digital storytelling project that will capture and archive the eyewitness memories of ordinary Lao citizens who experienced pre-war, wartime and post-war Laos.

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We help villagers of the Dong Son Commune replant rattan and other tree species that are native to the valley, in their home gardens and forest plots.


We work with the Quang Nam Province Red Cross in central Viet Nam to implement the Bob Feldman Fund that provides financial support for up to 40 households with severely disabled children.