Why Us?

A world that is more just and peaceful... We're here to build it.



We raise awareness about and address the long-term human health and environmental consequences of war through on-ground researching, programming and advocacy and strategic campaigns.


We envision a world free of the ravages of modern war where the rights and dignity of all are respected and where healthy land, forests and bodies of water and biodiversity are protected and ensured.


We believe that the end to war will ensure the right of all to economic security, dignity, health, education and clean natural resources and that this right will be protected and guaranteed for future generations.

For 13 years now, we’ve worked in Viet Nam, Laos and Cambodia, and in the U.S., to raise awareness about and address the ongoing legacies of Vietnam War-era use of Agent Orange and Explosive Remnants of War.

Our expertise derives from decades of on-ground research, surveys, data-gathering, and providing direct support to those impacted in post-war countries.

We continue to expand our services to help

hundreds of youth and young adults disproportionately affected by:

Millions of Explosive Remnants of War that litter the countryside continuing to inflict injuries and death upon hundreds of victims every year

Thousands of acres of defoliated forests and tropical landscapes that remain in poor ecological condition and have poisoned food sources and more

Dioxin hotspots at former U.S. military bases throughout southern Viet Nam and potentially in Laos

Disabilities and illnesses caused by exposure to Agent Orange and other Dioxin-contaminated herbicides

Your support encompasses our research, policy advocacy and all of our health, social and educational programs and resources that have been designed to address the specific issues people living with a disability or illness face in their communities.








We provide families assistance through animal husbandry, financial support, business consultation, home improvement or vocational training.

 Health Program

We finance medical operations for children with physical disabilities and conditions, and also provide wheelchairs, prosthetics and other adaptive equipment.

We support early intervention and education programs by providing scholarships and many educational opportunities.

We address the consequences of wartime use of herbicides and Explosive Remnants of War, so that communities can renew their relationship with their natural resources.


We've identified three critical areas where your support will help us make the greatest difference....


Ending war’s many legacies and bringing change start with the facts. Our experts do accurate, cross-checked research into civilian harm claims and public health and environmental issues associated with wartime use of herbicides and Explosive Remnants of War.

Advocacy and Policy

We use our research and analysis to build proactive awareness, responsibility and ultimately broad public support for post-war remediation and recovery efforts and to influence and press governments, companies and decision-makers to do the right thing.


Through our distinct body of vision, practice and change, along with our research and advocacy, we work with practitioners to stabilize affected communities, peoples and land in post-war Laos, Viet Nam and Cambodia, and also veterans in the U.S.

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War Legacies Project is a registered 501 (c)(3) organization with the US IRS. Donations are tax deductible as allowable by the IRS.  Our EIN Number is 26-1947398. Please email if you would like a copy of our most recent 990 Form.

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