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Research and Reports

Our work is grounded in empirical data, extensive research and analysis.

Ending war’s many legacies and bringing change start with the facts. Our experts do accurate, cross-checked research into civilian harm claims and public health and environmental issues associated with wartime use of herbicides and Explosive Remnants of War.


War Legacies Project combines our decades-long, on-ground experience in the field, our research and analyses to develop programs and advocacy campaigns wherever they are needed most to effect the greatest changes. Explore our reports to see what our work has been up to.

Our Reports

Office Work
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2021 Report on the Laos Agent Orange Survey
"State of Health and Livelihood"

This report seeks to deepen knowledge and raise awareness of key human health issues of wartime use of Agent Orange affecting the people of Laos today. The report advocates for solutions that will improve the lives of all and future generations.

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