Livelihood Program


Through our Livelihood Program, we ensure that people have what they need to survive, so that they can continue caring for their loved ones affected with a disability or illness—without any added-on financial stresses.


Livelihood means people have access to their most basic needs, as well as to sustainable income sources and assets. This program allows us to accelerate the progress toward a world free of conflict and of war’s many legacies.


War Legacies Project supports practitioners and advocates working in assistance and development to design effective programs that help us achieve outcomes related to health, economic well-being, and power through our theories of change.

How we get there:

Animal Husbandry

We ensure that people become self-sufficient by engaging in safe work and by managing and saving their resources through animal husbandry, usually by providing families with cows, water buffalos or pigs. For families earning less than $2 a day a breeding cow provides a safety net in their barnyard enabling them to generate income and assets. 


Families caring for children with disabilities are often unable to leave their children home alone.  We provide seed money to help individuals develop or expand their small home-based business.  Our partner organizations provide business-skills training and strengthen connections in local labor markets by addressing barriers to employment.

Home Improvement

We work with service providers to ensure that families have access to essential and safe housing, either through repairing, home improvement or building new homes, to provide weather-tight and climate-adaptive homes.