Livelihood Program

We acknowledge that alleviating poverty is about system change, but this takes time. Families in need can not wait. At WLP we know that lives can be dramatically changed with less than $100.

 We are families of people affected by the dioxin. During the war you did not understand how destructive it could be to the environment and human health for many generations, including your own family and friends. Anyhow, the war is long over. The U.S. and Vietnam have normalized relations on many levels. Humanitarian organizations, including yourself, have reached out to help survivors like us. We are touched by your goodwill and grateful for your assistance so we can overcome our present hardships and look forwards to a better life. Sincere thanks on behalf of our community. - NGUYEN THI DO


Bob Feldman Project

The Bob Feldman Fund was established in 2006 by Bob and Nancy Feldman. During the Vietnam War, Bob served in the US military at the Bien Hoa Airbase where he was exposed to Agent Orange/Dioxin. After he was diagnosed with lymphoma Bob and Nancy decided to reach out to help those in Vietnam who were also suffering from the impacts of Agent Orange. Since Bob's death in 2006, the family and friends of the Feldman's have provided support to over 350 families in Viet Nam.

Animal Husbandry

Most of the families WLP works with are poor farming families caring for severely disabled children.  On average they earn less than $50/month and have few assets or savings.  WLP provides the families with support so they can purchase cows, water buffalos or pigs to help increase their income and build a 'savings account' in their barnyard. WLP has learned that sometimes a family just needs a cow.

Home-based Business

Families caring for severely disabled children are often unable to work away from the home due to the 24/7/365 care giving needs of their children. WLP helps families set up or expand their home based businesses so they can continue to be home for their children.

Home Improvement

WLP helps poor families caring for disabled children to repair or build new homes, dig wells, and make other home improvements in order to provide safe, weather tight home for their families.

War Legacies Project is a registered 501 (c)(3) organization with the US IRS. Donations are tax deductible as allowable by the IRS.  Our EIN Number is 26-1947398. Please email info@warlegacies.org if you would like a copy of our most recent 990 Form.

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