Public Health Program

Families are often told by doctors that there is nothing that can be done. WLP knows this is not true.  No matter how severe the disability.

Ever since we’ve had the electric wheelchairs we have been feeling like we can “walk” now, after 30 years of sitting in one place, or, to be more accurate, we have been reborn with legs that are normal, just as anyone else. We can now exist on our own, we are no longer dependent on our mother or sister, we are FREE!  - Phu and Phi, Dong Nai, Vietnam.



WLP provides specialized wheelchairs for people with disabilities. An electric chair at over $1500 is out of reach for most families.  But there is no greater sight than to see a young person who has depended all of their lives on someone else to move to 'be reborn with legs' and to be able to go where ever they want, whenever they want on their own.

Surgery and medical care

WLP helps children from rural regions of Viet Nam to travel to Hue or HCM City for surgeries to repair congenital heart defects, club foot, cleft palate, and other birth defects.  While a good deal of the cost of surgery is paid for by government insurance, families need help in paying for medicines, travel, meals and accommodations when away from home. WLP also helps support the costs of families travel so that their children can receive dialysis and other treatment for chronic illnesses.


"Of course I have legs! I left them at home." A young girl tells her new classmate. WLP helps fit children for prosthetic limbs and provide assistance to the families so that the children can receive the physical and occupational therapy they need to learn how to walk for the first time, use a pencil or feed themselves. 

Medical Visits/Care Giver Support

For rural families it is very difficult to bring their disabled children to the local health clinic, even if it is just a few miles away.  Parents or in some cases grand-parents are on their own.  WLP is establishing a visiting nurses program in collaboration with the local Red Cross volunteers. Trained medical professionals will provide frequent well-being check-ups, train care-givers in techniques to make feeding, bathing, and lifting easier and safer, and most importantly let parents/care-givers know they are not alone.

Rehabilitation/Occupation Therapy

WLP helps support children in Thua Thien Hue Province receive physical and occupational therapy through the Hue School of Medicine's Office of Genetic Counselling and Disabled Children.  When therapy is begun early enough muscle atrophy and wasting can be prevented or reduced.  With therapy many children can build their muscles and learn to sit-up, walk, feed and dress themselves, and be stronger and healthier.

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