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Education Program


Through our Education Program, we ensure that youth and adults have high levels of livelihood, cognitive, literacy and numeracy skills to succeed in life.

Education means that children and adults are provided with a sense of hope to learn and thrive, so that they are set up for a better future. This program allows us to accelerate the progress toward a world free of conflict and of war’s many legacies.


War Legacies Project provides youth and adults access to quality educational opportunities that help them learn the skills they need to survive and thrive. We work with practitioners and advocates who design early, effective and accessible teaching programs that achieve outcomes that address educational disparities as faced by the most vulnerable populations in Viet Nam and Laos, such as those living with a disability or illness.


We support quality learning spaces in various settings, such as community-based education and vocational programs, to name a few, to ensure that children have access to age and condition-appropriate learning environments.


   How we get there:

Nam Dong Early Intervention Center

We provide children with access to early intervention services, pre-school education, daily living skills training, and physical therapy. Our services include financing the operating costs of learning centers and institutions, while also providing scholarships to students at various educational levels, from primary, middle, secondary and even university.

Vocational Training

We provide learning opportunities that teach employment-related and trade-specific technical skills, such as in sewing, embroidery, bike repair, carpentry, small engine repair and other trades.

Bikes for School

Working with our local partners, we provide and subsidize bikes for many rural children, especially those from households caring for a member living with a disability or illness, who live miles from their schools, so that distance doesn’t deter these children from attending school.

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