Education Program

The best option for children with disabilities is to be educated alongside their peers at public schools. Unfortunately, this is not always feasible or possible. WLP helps children with disabilities, and at times their non-disabled siblings, receive an education, vocational training or other support to help them reach their full potential.

Nam Dong Early Intervention Center

WLP helps children in rural Vietnam receive early intervention services, pre-school education, daily living skills training, and physical therapy. Since the class began in 2011 two of the children who were unable to walk now run; five of the children are now able to feed themselves and use the bathroom; one young boy who cannot speak has learned to sign; and all the children think that music therapy is the best part of their day. WLP supports the operating costs of the center that is run by the Hue School of Medicine's Office of Genetic Counselling and Disabled Children. 

Vocational Training

Many older children and young adults with disabilities are able to work as long as they have the support and training the need. WLP helps young adults with disabilities receive vocational training or participate in apprenticeships in sewing, embroidery, bike repair, carpentry, small engine repair and other trades.


Having a child with a disability effects the whole family.  Poor families caring for severely disabled children are often unable to afford school fees for their other children. School in Viet Nam gets increasingly more expensive the higher the grade. WLP helps families by providing scholarships for middle, secondary or university. We also support the room and board of rural children who have to travel to larger towns for secondary school.

Bikes for School

Finishing school is difficult for poor rural children. Primary schools are usually within walking distance to their homes.  But middle and secondary schools are usually located many mile away. If the choice is between walking for several hours or staying at home to help care for a disabled sibling or parent, many young Vietnamese choose the latter. By providing them with bikes, and often also a scholarship, these children can stay in school.

At Home Tutors

Sometimes it is not possible for a child with disabilities to attend school. Or they fall behind due to their health issues and need assistance in keeping up with their class.  WLP helps families pay for tutors to come to their home to ensure their children are reaching their full educational potential.

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