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Thank you!   Cam ơn!  ຂອບ​ໃຈ - Khob Chai!

Thank you for your generous donation to the work of the War Legacies Project. Your donation is tax deductible as allowable by the IRS.  No goods or services of any value were or will be transferred to you in connection with this donation.


Your donation will go a long way to help WLP continue its work to provide direct support to those that continue to be impacted by the American war in Southeast Asia. 


WLP will send you a formal acknowledgement of your donation by email or mail in the next few weeks to provide you with more details about how we will put your generous donation to work.  In the meantime, do not hesitate to contact us if you need any further information.


Thank you again.


Susan Hammond

Executive Director

War Legacies Project



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