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Phi and PhuAn example of the difference a few donors can make in the lives of someone across the Pacifice. Brothers Phu (right) and Phi (left)  live in a rural village in Dong Nai Province, Viet Nam. They have both been physically disabled since birth but neither one has let these physical challenges get in their way. Their mother brought them to school every day until it got to be too difficult to transport them to the high school in the district capital.  Instead of dropping out they finished their high school education at home.


PHu and Phi teaching

Since graduating from high school they have been earning a small income by tutoring local children in math and English. Both young men are very skilled with computers and are fast learners of new programs. Phu is a also very talented self-taught artist who would love an opportunity to develop his skills further.

Phu and Phi are in need of 24/7/365 care to meet their daily needs which is currently provided by their older sister and/or mother.   In 2011, WLP raised funds to purchase two electric wheelchairs to make their daily living and care more manageable and to gain some independence. As Phi has told us they needed the chairs in order "to help us in our daily life (moving around the house, personal hygiene, teaching... ) We do have two manual wheelchairs at present but we're too weak to push the wheels on our own."

Phu and Phi and their family traveled from their village to HCM City and meet WLP at HARIMA company to pick up their new electric wheelchairs. It was an amazing site to see the young men maneuvering themselves around under their own 'power'. Upon their return home they send a thank you letter to the donors stating:

"We can now exist on our own, we are no longer dependent on our mother or sister, we are FREE!  We can now get anything we need, at any time, without having to ask for our mother or sisterís help, we can now come to the family dining table, our classroom, our computer corner, and all that, on our own!"



                         phu and phi at home in their electric wheel chairs          Phi and Phu at home with their family   

There are many other young adults like Phu and Phi in need of electric wheelchairs to help them get to and from work or school and gain their independence so that like Phu and Phi they "feel like we can 'walk' now."

The cost of the chairs depends on the style but range in the $1500 to $2000 range, but any contribution helps by going into a fund for wheelchair purchases.  All donations are tax-deductible in the US as allowable by the IRS. Donate via Paypal below or by check made out to the War Legacies Project with "Wheelchair Project" in the memo line.

For more information contact Susan at shammond@warlegacies.org.

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