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 Agent Orange Exhibit


WLP in association with the Vietnam Union of Literature and Arts coordinated an exhibit of works by Vietnamese artists that depict Agent Orange. The 30 works shown here are available for exhibit in the US. Contact shammond@warlegacies.org for more information.

Do Dinh Thanh

Do Dinh Thanh

Vu Giang Huong

Ha Huy Chung

Le Bach

Le Ba Dung

Le Dung

Le Xuan Huong Linh

Le Xuan Huong Linh

Phan Van Loan

Nguyen Du

Nguyen Duy Lam

Nguyen Huu Hiep

Nguyen Manh Huyen

Nguyen Manh Minh

Nguyen Manh Tham

Nguyen Nu Kim Anh

Nguyen Phuoc

Nguyen Thi Lien

Nguyen Van Luong

Pham Huy Thong

Phan Van Thu

Quach The Ngoc An

Tran Mai

Tran Manh Linh

Tran Manh Linh

Tran The Long

Vu Huyen

Nguyen Du




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